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Corporate donor acquisition
Highly efficient pipeline for acquiring, and retaining, corporate donors. Develop lasting partnerships based on trust.

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Frank nonprofit toolkit features the solution addressing the most common corporate fundraising challenges faced by charitable organizations today.

Corporate fundraising becomes more competitive every year. Corporations expect more value in exchange for their contributions as they seek to build mutually beneficial philanthropic partnerships. Meanwhile, thousands of new nonprofits are looking for creative ways to attract corporate donors, establish trust within their communities, and drive more donations by inspiring corporate employees backed by gift matching programs every single year.

Statistics currently show that every company, no matter the size, receives nonprofit proposals at least once a month. Larger businesses receive requests up to 80 times per hour. How can your organization stand out from the competition? Gain trust and deliver greater value by highlighting the good work their money will facilitate.

Trust trough transparency — the greatest competitive andvantage
Imagine if you could establish trust by guaranteeing transparency before receiving a single donation. Frank’s intuitive platform enables corporations to monitor how you’re managing their contributions in real-time. Selected employees of your corporate donor gain access to real-time visualisations of all the spending related to their company’s contribution. Frank allows your nonprofit to guarantee that every donated dollar is accounted for.
Offer the best value for the money
Most corporations pursue charitable programs with two primary goals — marketing and employee retention. Corporate donors love to highlight their philanthropy to customers and inspire their employees with the tangible results of their contributions. Frank makes it easy for your nonprofit to stay focused on its mission while simultaneously delivering the exact outcomes that your donors desire.

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