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Utilize your bank’s API to independently verify any of your expenses or donor contributions with no extra effort. Build rock-solid marketing around verified facts. Donors love facts.

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Embeddable real-time expenses breakdown
Donors value independent audit. Connect your bank account to our platform and display a real-time verified interactive breakdown of expenses and contributions on your website.
Sign up on Frank to simply connect your accounting system or invite your team members to collaboratively categorise all your nonprofit’s incoming and outgoing banking transactions via mobile or web app. Frank’s Smart Suggestions will save you time by predicting categories when possible. You can also set a custom time frame for this visualisation, displaying incoming and outgoing data for specific times during your nonprofit’s campaigns.
Add an interactive real-time income and spending breakdown to your website or social media profiles.
Stand out with full financial transparency
Boost community engagement by being fully transparent to your donors, the public, or both. Back up your success stories with verified facts.
While complete transparency might not suit all nonprofits, it is becoming a new industry standard. Multiple studies suggest that nonprofits are missing out on more than $10B per year due to the lack of transparency in the US alone. Consequently, more modern nonprofits are opening their books than ever before.
Connect your bank account to Frank and customize your level of transparency by showing your expenses to your donors or by opening all of your income and spending data to the general public in real-time. Frank allows you to instantly gain trust and loyalty to engage with your donors on a deeper level.
Shareable banking transactions — marketing supported by facts
Share or embed your bank-verified expenses. Frank can interface with all major US banks.
Actions speak louder than words. Now you can instantly share any of your banking transactions on social media with a beautiful card-design or embed verified transactions on your blog. Frank allows you to share income and expenses verified by your bank or by using our Frank Verified system.

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