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Donor retention pipeline
Retention rate below 40%? This is alarmingly common.
Frank uses your existing data to sustain your donor’s trust and attention.

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Deliver automated email and social-media campaigns based on your achievements to keep your donors in the retention loop and excited about your campaign.

In the for-profit world, companies understand that it’s significantly more profitable to retain a customer than to earn another one. Yet, research shows that US nonprofits lose 70% of their donors after just one contribution. Even worse, only about 10%-15% of donors give more than 5 consecutive gifts.

Relying on one-time contributions is simply not sustainable for most nonprofits. However, research also shows that it’s much easier to retain donors after their second gift. So how can you increase your donor retention for multiple repeat contributions?

Here’s how the Frank Retention can help you retain more donors:

Use Frank’s email and social media automation tools to thank your donors immediately
Give your donors credit for the work your organization is doing
Be transparent to your donors by streamlining storytelling based on your financial activity
Inspire your donors with automatic updates about the difference your nonprofit is making
Easily collect donor feedback to show them that you’re listening
Retain up to 65% of your donors
Retaining a loyal donor is much more affordable than attaining a new one. Frank uses your existing data to help you retain donors more efficiently and effectively.

Our donor retention solution helps you set up regular semi-automatic email and social media communication with your donors.

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